Hi, I'm Sara

I’m a 13-year Army combat veteran, military spouse, and a mother of two. I’ve faced the challenges of frequent relocation, as my family and I have moved eight times in the past decade.

Through my marketing agency, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with well-known brands across the United States. This ranges from industry giants such as Starbucks, Sleep Number, and Red Roof Inn, to small start-up businesses that specialize in mommy and me stroller fitness.

Over the course of seven years, Sara has become a master in the field of marketing, enabling her to assist over 3,000 businesses in their growth and scaling endeavors. Currently, she is the proud owner of SCC Virtual Solutions, a specialized agency dedicated to helping businesses generate increased customer activity through various digital marketing strategies.

Sara and her team at SCC Virtual Solutions possess expertise in review and reputation management, short for video creation, automation, website development, and other cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Sara’s mission is to empower businesses, enabling them to dominate their respective markets and achieve higher returns on investment, all while streamlining processes through automation.

With her vast experience and dedication to helping businesses thrive, Sara has become a respected figure in the marketing industry, providing invaluable support to entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their goals.